About Us

Hello there, we are 2 mums who own and manage Adventure Avenue. We both love and adore our 2 kids and take great joy in watching them grow and discover the world we live in.

Don’t get us wrong, its not plain sailing and there are many days where its survival mode for everyone involved, but this journey we are on with our kids, is incredibly fulfilling and we wouldn’t trade it in for all the tea in China.

Becoming parents is an education in itself and as we learn and grow as adults we have discovered how much our kids learn from other people and their environments. They are excellent sponges for information and behavior traits. We always want to help inspire our children to try everything at least once so that they can decide for themselves what they like and what they don’t like.

Through our own research of the importance and many benefits of role playing for kids and their psychology, we started to encourage more of this type of play at home and out and about with them. What we witnessed as a result of this was an awakening of imaginative freedom within them that was quite inspiring. We watched them unbox their creative and inventive skills with such happiness as they pretended to be bakers, firemen, policemen, hairdressers, star performers, grocers, doctors, you name it, they did it! They were mentally and physically spent at the end of play.

We have always wanted to open our own business but have never felt passionate enough about anything to really commit ourselves to, until we saw our kids social and verbal skills grow so confidently through this type of play. Now, we are determined, driven and passionate about becoming champions for children learning and growing through the benefits of imaginative play. We created Adventure Avenue because we wanted to share this fantastic experience with other parents, who we know will absolutely delight in watching their kids enjoy the creative freedom they discover when visiting our role play centre. Our aim is to deliver a safe, secure and fun filled environment for both parents and children to enjoy and feel the need to return to for more memorable moments to cherish.

We look forward to welcoming you through our doors of adventure and play!

See you soon.
Ash and Jules

Learn more about the benefits of role play here.

Opening Times
Term Time Opening Hours
Monday to Friday Session Times
9:30 – 11am and 11:30am – 1pm
Weekends 09:30am – 17:00pm

FREE WI-FI available
Find us
79-81 Church Walk
The Martlets Shopping Center
Burgess Hill, RH15 9NN (Sat nav friendly postcode)

Tel: 07715 751133


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