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We think that it is so important for children to have the freedom to learn through play. Everywhere you look, on the internet, books, newspaper articles, television interviews with psychologists, doctors, teachers etc. everyone is praising the importance of this age old method of play for children.

  • Role play boosts children’s social skills and self esteem. This is critical nowadays in an age where media and advertising put such high prices on beauty and perfection. As children grow up they will need to have an armoury of these skills at their disposal and its important to start this as early as possible in their lives.
  • Role play encourages imagination and brainpower. Everyone needs to use their imagination to solve everyday problems, and if we give our children the freedom to unlock this imagination, we help unlock solutions to greater problems later in life. Albert Einstein said “Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere”.
  • Role play also greatly improves language and communication, especially non verbal cues and social interaction. At such a young age, children are not fully aware of personal space boundaries and language. Through the processes of role play they learn to understand and interpret what visual clues mean from other children and what words to use that are appropriate for interacting and playing with other children. They learn to socialise and read emotions from others they play with, which all contribute to building the foundations of self confidence and the ability to communicate effectively.

At Adventure Avenue we want to encourage parents to play with their children to help show them how to use certain props and develop their understanding of acting and doing. Key care givers and parents are the best role models a child has and will follow your cues with absolute belief and trust.

Role Play at Adventure Avenue

Success at school hugely depends on children’s abilities to grow into good members of society. If they can successfully navigate the years from pre-school to high school and thereafter, then hopefully they will be in good stead for their adult lives. We believe that Adventure Avenue can help parents start this fundamental foundation work through the joy of role play with their children.

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